EchoActive Transponder


The heart of the system

The new EchoActive transponder is designed to be powerful yet affordable. The price-point now makes this technology accessable to small clubs as well as large professional timing companies. The transponder utilises a 125khz wake up IC that maximises the finite battery power encapsulated inside. The transponder actively pin-points the location of the ground loop to within centimetres on three axes then transmits the unique ID and timestamp over 2.4Ghz to the EchoActive Base. The Nordic nRF bluetooth IC used is best in class for ultra low power use when in deep sleep mode. This is the first sports timing transponder (or timing chip) to have the ability to have firmware modified OTA (over the air). This means new features can be added with the existing hardware.

Product Features

  • Accurate to 5ms at up to 150km/hr
  • Battery life up to 9 years - typically 6 years on heavy use
  • Stores up to 40 times in internal flash for later playback
  • Can be set to broadcast one second bluetooth advertisements readable by any low cost bluetooth device and our Nano
  • Low power sleep mode only draws a tiny 1.7 microamps on the internal battery
  • Firmware updates possible OTA using any smartphone
  • Starting from AUD$55 (USD$37) - the lowest-cost high-performance active sports timing chip on the market today