Canoeing and Water Sports


Whilst Olympic kayak and canoe events use photofinish for their time-keeping, the larger mass participation canoe events require a more automated timing solution. RFID and Ultra is well suited to timing these events as well as other types of paddling events.


A kayak race consists of a mass start (or predetermined start grid), splits along the course and a finish line as depicted below.

Recommended System

An Ultra4 system with only a couple of side antennas is all that is required for a timing point. The read range of the tag is very important so we can recommend the ultimate disposable transponder to get the job done. Read ranges of up to 25m are possible. Close finishes will need to be adjudacted by video or using the IOS SprintTimer app. The technology company Tadbik has developed an innovative flip tag solution for mounting of transponders to water craft. Other white water events place the tag on the helmet. Large international canoeing marathons employ multiple Ultra systems along the course to relay realtime splits to the internet using OutReach.

Running Events Using RFID Race Timing Systems

Avon Descent (AUS), Dusi Marathon (SA), World Marathon Championships (AUS), The Doctor (AUS).