EchoActive Nano


Low Cost Timing Point

The EchoActive transponders can utilise 2.4ghz bluetooth low energy technology to send a constant one second advertisement to any compatible receiver. This advertisement uses very little energy and can be read up to 100m away. When the EchoActive transponder is placed in bluetooth mode by the Base, any device that can scan blueooth advertisements can see the transponder. The EchoActive Nano is a bluetooth scanner that has an inbuilt 4G modem with GPS and li-ion battery that lasts for at least a day on a full battery charge. The Nano is used out on the event course whenever the athlete needs to be tracked. This may be a bike or run turn in a triathlon or on a remote checkpoint along a trail.

Key Features

  • Periodially sends transponder readings and local GPS coordinates to the internet via 4G
  • Can store up to 3000 transponder readings in flash memory for later download
  • Does not require mobile coverage to operate
  • 24hr battery life at modem status transmissions every 10 seconds.
  • Attach to a post or tree with the rear clip on bracket and cable ties
  • Starting from AUD$800 (USD$550)