EchoActive Base


Power in a small footprint

The Base activates the transponder on a simple 125khz wire loop and then reads the return signal on 2.4ghz. The Base keeps precise time based on the inbuilt satellite receiver and saves data to flash. Data can be sent directly over a wired ethernet network or via an inbuilt 4G modem (optional). The sunlight readable touchscreen interface allows to user to modify the behaviour of both reader and transponder. The unit is simple to use and comes with an internal li-ion battery that can give up to 8hrs run time. The Base can be charged using any USB-C fast charger.

Product features

  • Small 1.1kg rugged case
  • All functions can be performed with the one unit
  • USB-C fast charging
  • Audible buzzer
  • Microsecond time precision using PPS signal from satellites. Internal clock with 5ppm precision
  • Compatible with all existing race scoring software packages
  • Starting from AUD$3300 (USD$2400)