Like many technology companies RFID Race Timing Systems grew out of the garage of current Owner and Director Andrew Peterson dating back to 1997. What started as a hobby quickly turned in to a successful business with orders for the reliable timing hardware coming in from countries all over the world. RFID Race Timing Systems was officially registered in 2003 and has developed new products over the years to keep pace with the advancement of technology and the ever-increasing demands of events.

RFID Race Timing Systems headquarters are based in Perth, Western Australia with a custom built manufacturing workshop, electronics laboratory and administration department. All aspects of the timing system from design through to production are managed within the same facility to ensure absolute quality control and timely delivery of new orders.

In addition to the Perth headquarters RFID Race Timing Systems has distribution centres established in the United States and Europe to assist with delivery timeframes and remove the hassles of customs clearance within those regions. Our network of seven distributors across the globe can assist with sales enquiries, training, maintenance and repairs.

RFID Race Timing Systems has products in use on every continent across the globe and have proven to perform in the most demanding conditions, from the polar circle marathon in Greenland to the Redback Mountain Bike Enduro in the Great Sandy Desert of Australia. The continual investment in Research and Development has meant that RFID Race Timing Systems is able to provide an ever expanding range of products to cater for small club events right through to the largest events with 30,000+ participants.

May 2001

First Dabble in RFID

A winter project spent re-designing Triathlon WA’s timing system

01 May 2003

Develops first 134Khz System

Dual Antenna System

01 October 2006

HDD System

High Density Digital (134KHz) for high volume chip reads

30 October 2010

First Ultra System

First system using UHF Gen 2 tags debut at Melbourne Marathon

1 March 2017

First low cost UHF timing system

The ‘Joey’ is the low cost, easy to use system for clubs and small operators

1 June 2024

The Ultimate Active System

Development completed and the release of our first active transponder system

21Years Building Timing Systems
1050Worldwide Customers
2500Timing Systems Sold
25000000People Timed with RFID Race Timing Systems