Other Applications


RFID and UHF in particular is the perfect tool for people tracking in all environments. There are many reasons why we would like to track humans as they go about their daily life (no mention of Big Brother please).

Method and Recommended System Setup

Applications where RFID Race Timing Systems have been used include;

  • Tracking of workmen onto a gas plant worksite.
  • Tracking of participants to a conference or expo.
  • Tracking of passengers as they pass immigration and security at an airport.
  • Tracking of people at a sports or musical event.

The fundamental reason for tracking people is to enhance the security of the customer. Knowing where people are in emergencies is one such enhancement RFID can provide. Marketing information can also be gleaned at events where the participants are registered. There are probably many more applications we have not thought about yet. However the equipment and software developed to time people at sports events is easily adapted to other applications. Contact us for further guidance and support with your project.