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March 16, 2017

Joey a low cost alternative

The latest innovation from RFID Race Timing Systems is now available for purchase from our web shop. The Joey (named after a baby kangaroo) has many features that do not exist in the marketplace today and provides a true ‘plug and play’ experience for smaller timers. The device is perfect for clubs wanting a low cost RFID solution for timing yet have access to disposable transponders that are under half the cost of those from our competitors. As CEO Andrew Peterson said, “There are plenty of integrated readers in the market today (called portals) but none of them work as a timing system straight out of the box”. The Joey also has the latest version of bluetooth LE which allows a tablet or phone to interface with the hardware – an improvement over the harder to configure LAN connection. The Joey was designed to be as easy to use as possible whilst still having enough power to achieve good read rates and all for a cost of USD$3500.


June 15, 2015

Another Challenge event for The Philippines

Conditions were predictably hot for the another debut Challenge event at Camsur, Philippines. The long course event was raced over a half ironman distance and was won by Aussie Brad Kahlefeldt and Simone Braedli of Switzerland. The event was timed using Ultra and Hutags with Racetec mobile live results. The water ski park at Camsur is ideal for running triathlons and the post race party is also legendary.


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June 15, 2015

Nike Womens Race – Istanbul

Over 2000 women took part in the 2015 Nike Womens Race in Istanbul on the 6th of June. The event is the second major Nike event to be run in Istanbul in a year and was timed by local timer Plus Timing using Ultra and special tags developed by Tadbik. Nike is a fan of the shoe tag so Tadbik designed a new tag that would work perfectly without costing a fortune. The result was excellent read rates and a professional customised and branded tag for the event. To read more about the new tag and event click here.



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March 24, 2015

RFID Race Timing at Challenge

RFID Race Timing Systems were used at two Challenge events in the month of February. First up was Challenge Melbourne which saw over 1400 compete in atrocious weather conditions. Despite the wind and rain the athletes all enjoyed the scenic course on Port Philip Bay and the finishers towels were very welcome on the finish line. The event was managed by SuperSprint and timed by Tomato Timing using Ultra systems and Hutags.


Leon Griffin, Nic Kastledien and Robbo say cheers to Challenge Melbourne

Later in February one of the hottest events on the Challenge Family series took place in Subic Bay (Philippines) and was again timed by RFID Race Timing Systems using Ultra. The timing service at Challenge Philippines boasted more timed splits than previous years and a new live results application that anyone could track using their smartphones. The combination of Ultra, Hutag with OutReach software is proving to be the new benchmark in multipsort timing and well in the race against the older and much more expensive active transponder systems used in Ironman.


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March 24, 2015

Generation 4 Timing Mats

RFID Race Timing has perfected the manufacture of new antenna mats that have been in use now since early 2015. The 4th Generation mats boast even better antenna sensitivity whilst being made of bomb-proof polyurethane. The development took close to 1 year experimenting on shapes and materials to come up with what we believe is the ultimate UHF timing mat. These new antenna mats are proving popular with our existing timers due to the professional look they exude at the finish line. Like in previous generations the new mats are easy to deploy in about half the time of our competitors. The weight and suppleness of the polurethane means that the mats stay in one place and the ribbed non-slip surface will give years of service. The new Gen 4 mats are now shipping standard with Ultra4 and Ultra8 systems.

Low profile design

Antennas bolt into the mat for easy replacement

November 12, 2014

Jakarta Mandiri Marathon

Ultra was again in action this time in the hot and steamy conditions of Jakarta on October 26. Over 10,000 runners took part in 4 different events culminating in the marathon. The race timed by IndoRace  based in Jakarta was won by Julius Seurei and Nyansikera Winfrida both of Kenya. The popularity of running events in Indonesia is on the rise following much the the same phenomenon in Singapore, Malaysia and The Philippines.


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November 12, 2014

Eindhoven Marathon 2014

Tilahun Regassa won the 2014 De Lage Landen Marathon Eindhoven in 2:06:21 on 11 October. The womens event was won by Iwona Lewandowska in 2:28:33. Over 20,000 competed in the event held in the picturesque dutch town of Eindhoven. The event was timed by MySports who are the leaders in event timing and videography in Holland. They used over twenty Ultra8 systems to provide live race results and a comprensive video montage of each athlete in HD quality at many points along the course. Our new Ultra mats also debuted at the finish line this year.

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July 24, 2014

Ultra used at Finland's Largest Triathlon

FinnTriathlon organised the largest and oldest triathlon in Joroinen (Finland) last weekend timed with a brand new RFID Race Timing System. The 3 day long weekend boasts short course and support events before Sunday’s long course event. When Finntriathlon did their homework on a suitable system to do their timing ‘in-house’, they came to the conclusion that Ultra was superior to the other systems out there. In the space of only 6 weeks the FinnTriathlon team were able to develop the skills to time an event of over 1200 triathletes with 8 splits and live results all day. This is testament to the ease of setup and reliability of industrial grade equipment and software that has many years of development, and international events behind it.


Winner Darby Thomas crosses the Ultra timing mats at Joroinen 2014

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May 26, 2014

30,000 Runners at HBF Run for a Reason

HBF2 2014

The center of Perth is a sea of blue

HBF 2014

20m wide finish line

Records were broken at this years HBF Run for a Reason with over 30,000 runners taking part in either the 4 or 12km runs. The event was timed by blueChip Timing in damp conditions using over 20 Ultra8 systems covering a whopping 20m on the finish line. An added feature of this years race was the ability for runners to pass through a results kiosk and their tag was automatically scanned and results  instantly displayed on LED TV screens.

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