July 24, 2014

Ultra used at Finland's Largest Triathlon

FinnTriathlon organised the largest and oldest triathlon in Joroinen (Finland) last weekend timed with a brand new RFID Race Timing System. The 3 day long weekend boasts short course and support events before Sunday’s long course event. When Finntriathlon did their homework on a suitable system to do their timing ‘in-house’, they came to the conclusion that Ultra was superior to the other systems out there. In the space of only 6 weeks the FinnTriathlon team were able to develop the skills to time an event of over 1200 triathletes with 8 splits and live results all day. This is testament to the ease of setup and reliability of industrial grade equipment and software that has many years of development, and international events behind it.


Winner Darby Thomas crosses the Ultra timing mats at Joroinen 2014

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