March 24, 2015

Generation 4 Timing Mats

RFID Race Timing has perfected the manufacture of new antenna mats that have been in use now since early 2015. The 4th Generation mats boast even better antenna sensitivity whilst being made of bomb-proof polyurethane. The development took close to 1 year experimenting on shapes and materials to come up with what we believe is the ultimate UHF timing mat. These new antenna mats are proving popular with our existing timers due to the professional look they exude at the finish line. Like in previous generations the new mats are easy to deploy in about half the time of our competitors. The weight and suppleness of the polurethane means that the mats stay in one place and the ribbed non-slip surface will give years of service. The new Gen 4 mats are now shipping standard with Ultra4 and Ultra8 systems.

Low profile design

Antennas bolt into the mat for easy replacement