November 16, 2011

In search of a UHF Multisport tag that works

From the day we produced our first ULTRA we have been acutely aware of the requirement for a UHF multisport tag. This is because events like triathlon that must use a transponder attached to the ankle because a shoe cannot be worn for all disciplines and often a wetsuit is worn right up to the transition between swim and cycle. The problem with passive UHF tags is that water is a major barrier to good read performance. This occurs either due to the tag’s close proximity to the skin or having a wetsuit dripping in salt water wrapped around the transponder. Most attempts at a solution in the past have seen chunky plastic clips used to hold the tag off the skin but this is cumbersome and not effective for wetsuit swims.

RFID Race Timing Systems in conjunction with our agents in USA and Europe have been testing a new special Gen 2 UHF tag with amazing results in triathlon. The tag has been tested and modified by RFID Race Timing Systems to maximize read performance when worn on the ankle. These tags are reliably read using only two antenna ports connected to two side flank antennas either side of a timing point that can be up to 6m wide. The new tag will be officially unveiled in January 2012 at the RFID Race Timing System conference in Florida. Attendees at the European Conference held at Stansted UK were also given a sneak preview of the new multisport tag we call UltraTag.

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