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16 Mar 17
Joey a low cost alternative

The latest innovation from RFID Race Timing Systems is now available for purchase from our web shop....

Whats sets us apart

Confused with all the claims and boasting from other timing systems on the market today? There are 4 clear advantages with RFID Race Timing Systems

  1. 1
    Lowest Cost Timing Chips

    Did you know that the UHF tags used by all timing systems cost just a few cents. Our systems are not locked to any one supplier so you can save huges amounts over the lifespan of your timing system.

  2. 2
    Strong Track Record

    RFID Race Timing Systems has been building sports timing systems for over 14 years and that know-how goes into the development of technology that leads the industry with reliability and features.

  3. 3
    Opensource and 3rd Party Connectivity

    Many mature scoring software platforms exist today so why build another one? Our timing system hardware interfaces to most 3rd party scoring packages giving you the flexibility to choose what one works for you.

  4. 4
    No Binding Contracts

    Many of our competitors make you buy your timing chips and software from them at over-inflated prices. Their hardware will not read any tag because they have locked it to their hardware. When you buy an RFID Race Timing System there is no fine print contract to sign. You can source your own tags, software and resell your hardware with no release fees. We won’t tell you where or what you can time either.