January 15, 2017

V4 Antenna Mats Receive an Upgrade

RFID Race Timing Systems has been producing the latest version (V4) antenna mats for two and half years and during this time we have been able to gather valuable feedback on the mats during every day use as well as some of the world’s most extreme events including the Polar Circle Marathon in Greenland to adventure races in the heat of Australia’s Great Sandy Desert. The change to a single Polyurethane material has been a great success with the V4 antenna mats being the most robust model produced. In addition to the hardy nature of the Polyurethane material the added weight ensures the mats remain in position during heavy traffic without having to tape down and there is reduced risk of the mats being lifted up by strong wind gusts.

Despite these advances RFID Race Timing Systems is continually looking for ways to improve its products and feedback from our customers suggests that the cable assemblies could be changed to enable better handling and storage of the mats as well as prevent damage to the cable. Following months of development and testing RFID Timing Systems has been able to add a weatherproof QMA connector to the antenna end of each cable. This new connector not only protects the cable from potential damage during handling and storage but it allows customers to replace cables cheaply and quickly without having to replace the whole mat or even the antenna insert.

The QMA connector simply works like an air compressor fitting using a single push and pull action to connect and disconnect the cable. The fitting also swivels which prevents any twisting of the cables during setup and use. For those customers that have existing V4 antenna mats this new system is compatible by replacing both the antenna insert and cable.

Should you have any questions or require further detail on this product please contact RFID Race Timing directly at or your local distributor.


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