November 29, 2012

Largest Cycle Event in NZ Timed With Ultra

The start of the 180km round trip around Lake Taupo in NZThe Ultra System made its debut in one of New Zealand’s largest sports events (and largest cycle) in Taupo on the 24th November. The Taupo Cycle Challenge had been timed before by systems that have since come and gone. When it came to using the latest disposable chip technology, RFID Race Timing Systems was the obvious choice. The low profile soft antenna mats and the reliability of double transponders incorporated into a  professional vinyl seat post sticker make Ultra ideal for road cycling. Split points along the 180km route used side antennas which were the best choice for roads that were not closed to vehicle traffic. The event was timed by our new customer TimeIT based in Hastings NZ. Over 10,000 bikes took part making this year’s event one of the worlds largest  and most iconic mass cycle rides.

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