November 6, 2012

Anaconda Adventure Race and RFID

While Australia’s largest triathlon was being timed on one side of Australia, the largest adventure race in the Southern hemisphere was also taking place in Augusta, Western Australia. A staggering 3000+ competed over the weekend. The Anaconda Adventure Race National Series run by Rapid Ascent are all timed by RFID Race Timing Systems technology. In the case of Augusta it was the ever reliable HDD System that has proven itself in over 10,000 events across the globe in a career spanning 6 years. For the upcoming Lorne (Victoria) Anaconda Race it will be Ultra and the UltraTag being used.

Braden Currie (NZ) takes out Anaconda Augusta

The Augusta event was timed by blueChip Timing Pty Ltd and both the Saturday Mini-Anaconda and Sunday main race used the Racetec Mobile Tracker that allowed spectators to view splits and results instantly using their smartphones. This technology has been in use now for over 12 months and greatly enhances the feedback to commentators and spectators on how the leaders are performing as well as their loved ones. Best of all it is incorporated into the complete Racetec package at no extra charge. RFID Race Timing Systems dovetails perfectly into highly developed 3rd party software packages that continue to evolve with novel means of reporting entrant data on the internet.

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