Generation 4 Timing Mats

RFID Race Timing has perfected the manufacture of new antenna mats that have been in use now since early 2015. The 4th Generation mats boast even better antenna sensitivity whilst being made of bomb-proof polyurethane. The development took close to 1 year experimenting on shapes and materials to … [Read more...]

What happened to the BAP?

The Battery Assisted Passive (or BAP) tag really got UHF Gen 2 technology going with sports timing since the tags could be placed very close to the runners skin without any degradation in read performance. The BAP derives it's power from a patented liquid battery that kept the integrated circuit in … [Read more...]

Tech Talk – One tag Vs Two?

As there is a lot of confusion out there in the timing world in regard to how many tags are needed to successfully time races with the claim "we are best because we only need one tag" touted by some manufacturers. So in typical RFID Race Timing fashion we aim to clear the smoke and mirrors that … [Read more...]

New RFID race cost comparison calculator

Compare the costs of using a RFID Race Timing ULTRA system to those of our competitors. We don't lock our customers into using a single tag type like our competitors, hence the opportunity to reduce costs in your timing business is substantial. Click on the calculator icon and be amazed at the … [Read more...]

In search of a UHF Multisport tag that works

From the day we produced our first ULTRA we have been acutely aware of the requirement for a UHF multisport tag. This is because events like triathlon that must use a transponder attached to the ankle because a shoe cannot be worn for all disciplines and often a wetsuit is worn right up to the … [Read more...]

Tech Talk – The Great Spacer Debate

There is sometimes confusion over the performance of RFID tags placed on wet objects. This is not a problem for low frequency passive tags used by our HDD System, but for the newer UHF passive tags this can present challenges. Unless race timers use Battery Assisted Passive (BAP) tags, they will … [Read more...]

Tech Talk – Remote Timing

Many large events require real-time scoring from sometimes distant timing points along the course. These times are often shown on a live scoreboard both on the web and at the finish line. While it may sound high-tech to some, it is really not too complex to put timing systems onto an inexpensive and … [Read more...]

Tech Talk – Not all tags are equal

Of the passive transponders on the market there are advantages and disadvantages between types for sports timing. We are often asked to provide a solution that can time everything from running to kayaking and even windsurfing. Each sport has its own requirements in terms of athlete speed, density … [Read more...]

Tech Talk – The gap between Active and Passive Transponders

It can be confusing these days deciding on a technology to adopt for timing your next race. Some technologies have come and gone whilst others like the Texas Instruments half duplex low frequency transponders developed in the mid 90s continue to live on. Active tags use an internal battery to … [Read more...]

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