Upgrading to an RFID System

Many of those who purchase our timing systems are professional timers that are upgrading.  Some have already been using our hardware (and are scaling up their operation) – yet many others are tired of the ‘locked-chip’ approach and are seeking an alternative system.

Our research indicates that the ability to use any timing chip on the market with our hardware is a major factor for those switching to our timing hardware – primarily it is seen as a way for serious timers to save thousands on running costs over the life of the equipment.

The ability to upscale our system (with the Ultra and Joey hardware) – means it is a simple decision.  Anything you can do with your existing UHF system, our system will do…probably better and at a fraction of the operating costs.


The Ultra 4 and Ultra 8 – for Professionals

The Ultra range is designed with professional timers in mind.  Each of these systems has a vast array of advanced features, making our products the leaders in the industry.