Side Antenna




This lightweight and easy to deploy antenna is ideal for cycling events where it’s not possible to have mats obstructing the road or multisport events where a stronger antenna is required for Hutag detection. Can be placed on the side of the road or attached to an overhead gantry and reads both horizontally and vertically aligned tags.

  • The lightweight design makes this antenna useful for interstate and overseas events
  • Can read tags up to 30m away
  • Quick to setup and dismantle
  • Can be mounted horizontally or vertically
  • Comes supplied with clamp and 7m cable (stands sold separately)
Additional information

Additional Information


FCC and EU region specific design to conform to all regulatory regions
12m antenna cable with reverse TNC male connector
Dimensions = 410mm x 410mm x 32mm
Weight = 3.25kg (with clamp)
Strength = 12DBi

Optional Accessories

Lightweight Aluminium Stand
Replacement 12m Antenna Cable