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The Ultra Encoder software is used in conjunction with the ThingMagic USB Reader to encode UHF Gen 2 tags prior to a race. The software has all the required functions needed to safely encode a series of tag codes with error checking whilst saving the bib chip file. This software and reader is a must for timers wanting to encode a series of blank tags that have been applied to race bibs.

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Additional Information


UltraEncoder V1.52- This is a RFID Race Timing Systems in-house encoding software for UHF Gen 2 Class 1 tags using the ThingMagic USB Reader. This new version is licensed to a reader purchased direct from RFID Race Timing Systems. Optionally the software can be solely purchased from RFID Race Timing Systems for $250. You will need to send RFID Race Timing Systems (info@rfidtiming.com) your key the first time you run this application and we will send you the unlock code. The program must also have the DLL files in the same path as the UltraEncoder.exe program. The DLL files are in the zipped file. The ThingMagic USB Reader is the best option for hand encoding Gen2 tags for the Ultra

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