V4 Double Antenna Mat

  1. General Details

    Based on the same design principles as the V4 Antenna Mat but with a second antenna housed within the mat to increase read performance in situations where low powered tags are used or there is interference from water. These mats are ideally suited to triathlon and multisport events where re-usable Hutags are being worn by the competitors or shoe tags.

    • Strong and durable polyurethane material
    • Low profile (25mm) and corrugated non-slip surface
    • Quick to setup and dismantle (less than 1 minute)
    • Two internal antennas with associated cables and connectors
    • Jigsaw Design which allows up to 8 mats to be joined creating an 8m wide finish line
  2. Specifications
    • Polyurethane molded mat with two internal antennas
    • FCC and EU region specific design to conform to all regulatory regions
    • LMR195 cable with 4 cable lengths ranging from 2.2m to 5.5m
    • Reverse TNC male connector for connecting to timing box
    • Dimensions = 1000mm x 520mm x 25mm
    • Weight = 11.8kg
  3. Optional Accessories

    Replacement Antenna Insert with cable and connector as per lengths below;

    • Single Blue Antenna Cable = 2.2m
    • Single Red Antenna Cable = 3.3m
    • Single Yellow Antenna Cable = 4.4m
    • Single Green Antenna Cable = 5.5m
  4. Documents