V4 Antenna Mat Cable

  1. General Details

    Specifically made for the new style V4 antenna mats with detachable cables. Can be ordered in individual lengths or as a complete set of 8 cables. Fully assembled with connectors on each end and colour coded to signify cable length so they are ready to plug in and use immediately.

    • Weatherproof QMA connector on antenna end
    • Reverse TNC connector compatible with Ultra Timing Systems
    • Note: not compatible with older V4 antenna mats with fixed cables
  2. Specifications
    • LMR195 cable
    • Weatherproof QMA Connector on antenna end
    • Reverse male TNC connector for connecting to Ultra Timing System
    • Dimensions: 2.2m – 9.9m in length
    • Weight: 0.25 – 0.35kg
  3. Options

    Choose from 8 variable cable lengths as follows;

    Single Blue Antenna Cable = 2.2m
    Single Red Antenna Cable = 3.3m
    Single Yellow Antenna Cable = 4.4m
    Single Green Antenna Cable = 5.5m
    Double Blue Antenna Cable = 6.6m
    Double Red Antenna Cable = 7.7m
    Double Yellow Antenna Cable = 8.8m
    Double Green Antenna Cable = 9.9m