Ultra8 Timing System

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  1. General Details

    For the serious timer, the Ultra8 is our ultimate solution designed specifically for running events with more than 500 participants or where the maximum number of antennas need to be deployed. With the ability to connect up to 8 antennas this system gives the user the greatest flexibility to time events of any size and is popular with Contract Timers and large running event organisers around the world.

    • Ultra High Frequency (UHF) Passive Timing System.
    • Comes Complete with 8 Antenna Mats (1m wide each)
    • Capable of Reading any unlocked Gen2 UHF Timing Chip
    • Internal Battery with 6hr run time
  2. Specifications
    • Internal Li-ion battery with a run time of 6hrs
    • Maximum read rate of 300 tags per second sustained
    • Precise to 1 millisecond (0.001) on timestamp
    • Internal GPS for time sync, accurate to 1 millisecond
    • Wifi and ethernet connectivity
    • Two internal readers with eight antenna ports (Impinj Speedway Revolution)
    • Memory storage of 1 million individual tag/time records
    • Reader sensitivity of -82 dBm
    • Dimensions = 320mm x 200mm x 380mm
    • Weight = 7.8kg
  3. Optional Accessories
    • Side (Patch Antennas) in lieu of antenna mats
    • Internal 3G Modem for remote connectivity
    • Trigger Input (Start Button)
  4. Documents