Ultra4 Timing System

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  1. General Details

    The Ultra4 Timing System is our mid range solution designed specifically for cycling and multi-sport events which typically use side antennas or as a split timing point for fun runs with antenna mats. With 4 antenna ports the Ultra4 system can be coupled with antenna mats or side antennas and is capable of reading any unlocked Gen2 UHF tag on the market.

    • Ultra High Frequency (UHF) passive timing system.
    • Comes complete with 4 antenna Mats (1m wide each)
    • Rugged Pelican case for use in any environment
    • Internal Li-ion battery with 11hr run time
  2. Specifications
    • Internal Li-ion Battery with a run time of 11hrs
    • Maximum read rate of 300 tags per second sustained
    • precise to 1 millisecond (0.001) on timestamp
    • Internal GPS for time sync, accurate to 1 millisecond
    • Wifi and ethernet connectivity
    • 1 Internal Reader with 4 antenna ports (Impinj Speedway Revolution)
    • Memory storage of 1 million individual tag/time records
    • Reader Sensitivity of -82 dBm
    • Dimensions = 320mm x 200mm x 380mm
    • Weight = 7.1kg
  3. Optional Accessories
    • Side (Patch) Antennas in lieu of antenna mats
    • Internal 3G Modem for remote connectivity
    • Trigger Input (Start Button)
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