Our RFID System – How Does it Work?

RFID Race Timing systems are based around world-leading Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology.

Each system consists of 3 components – the RFID Tag (or Timing Chip), the Antennas (which may be mats or side antennas depending on the sport), and the Reader.

Although it sounds quite simple – and is in practice – our RFID readers have taken many years to develop to the highest standards demanded at the highest levels of sport timing.  They are the most technologically advanced systems on the market (with a huge amount of redundancy built in) which means you not let down on race day.

UHF Tags

The advantage of our system is that you can use any UHF timing chip on the market.  This means huge cost savings, as you are not locked into expensive chips or timing contracts.

All UHF chips are the same – the only difference is that all other timing equipment vendors insist you purchase your timing chips from them (at an inflated cost) and place an additional number in the code so that those UHF chips can only be read on their timing hardware.

It’s a bit like buying a car and being forced to buy petrol from the dealer that sold it to you – for the entire life of the car!