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March 16, 2017

Joey a low cost alternative

The latest innovation from RFID Race Timing Systems is now available for purchase from our web shop. The Joey (named after a baby kangaroo) has many features that do not exist in the marketplace today and provides a true ‘plug and play’ experience for smaller timers. The device is perfect for clubs wanting a low cost RFID solution for timing yet have access to disposable transponders that are under half the cost of those from our competitors. As CEO Andrew Peterson said, “There are plenty of integrated readers in the market today (called portals) but none of them work as a timing system straight out of the box”. The Joey also has the latest version of bluetooth LE which allows a tablet or phone to interface with the hardware – an improvement over the harder to configure LAN connection. The Joey was designed to be as easy to use as possible whilst still having enough power to achieve good read rates and all for a cost of USD$3500.


March 15, 2017

Saalfelden Ski Marathon – Austria

While Contract Timers in the southern hemisphere are kept busy over the summer months it can be a different story in the northern hemisphere with limited events being held due to cold weather conditions. This is not the case for Sportsoft who keep busy during the winter months with cross country ski races. The Ultra system can handle the below freezing conditions and the overhead patch antennas are prefect for ski races as there are no mats to cross or hassle removing snow from the antenna mats.

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