RFID Race Timing has had over a decade of success timing large open water swimming events. From the initial low frequency timing systems to the ULTRA systems of today we have tested our systems on the toughest swims going.

We have handled the numbers in the Lorne Pier to Pub which is the largest open water swim in Australia with 4500 swimmers, and then pushed the boundaries with the Midmar Mile in South Africa which is the world’s largest open water swim with over 17,000 competitors.

Closer to our home we have handled the iconic annual Rottnest Channel Swim which boasts a field of over 2000 swimmers since 2004.

Now with the evolution of the ULTRATAG we have taken the next step introducing UHF to swim timing. With this waterproof UHF tag combined with the ULTRA system we are able to combine timing success with the latest development in timing technology.



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