V4 Antenna Mat – Detachable Cable




Following years of development and refinement the V4 antenna mat has recently received an improvement with the added functionality of detachable cables. With a simple push and pull connector the mats can be assembled in seconds and allow for easy handling and storage. Antenna mats provide the most accurate results and are ideal for start and finish line situations where there is a high density of athletes crossing the line at once.

  • Strong and durable polyurethane material
  • Low profile (1 inch/25mm) and corrugated non-slip surface
  • Push/pull coax connector allowing cables to be detached and/or replaced with ease
  • Jigsaw Design which allows up to 16 mats to be joined creating a 16m wide finish line
Additional information

Additional Information

Weight 11.8 kg
Dimensions 100 × 52 × 5 cm

Polyurethane moulded mat with internal antenna
FCC and EU region specific design to conform to all regulatory regions
LMR195 cable with 8 cable lengths ranging from 2.2m to 9.9m
Reverse TNC male connector for connecting to timing box
weatherproof QMA connector at antenna end
Dimensions = 1000mm x 520mm x 25mm
Weight = 11.8kg

Optional Accessories

Additional antenna cables with QMA connector as per lengths below;
Single Blue Antenna Cable = 2.2m
Single Red Antenna Cable = 3.3m
Single Yellow Antenna Cable = 4.4m
Single Green Antenna Cable = 5.5m
Double Blue Antenna Cable = 6.6m
Double Red Antenna Cable = 7.7m
Double Yellow Antenna Cable = 8.8m
Double Green Antenna Cable = 9.9m