V4 Antenna Mat Insert – Detachable Cable


  1. General Details

    Following a recent improvement in the V4 antenna mat design the antenna inserts now come with a QMA weatherproof connector which enables the cable to be disconnected from the antenna. This improvement gives users greater flexibility in storing the mats and extends the life of both antennas and cables.

    • LMR195 cable with reverse TNC male connector to suit Ultra Timing Systems
    • Fits all existing V4 antenna mats
  2. Specifications
    • Polyurethane molded antenna insert
    • FCC and EU region specific design to conform to all regulatory regions
    • LMR195 cable with 8 cable lengths ranging from 2.2m to 9.9m
    • Reverse TNC male connector for connecting to Ultra Timing Box
    • QMA weatherproof connector for connecting to antenna insert
    • Dimensions = 330mm x 330mm x 25mm
    • Weight = 2.5kg (incl cable)
  3. Options

    Replacement Antenna Insert with cable and connector as per lengths below;
    Single Blue Antenna Cable = 2.2m
    Single Red Antenna Cable = 3.3m
    Single Yellow Antenna Cable = 4.4m
    Single Green Antenna Cable = 5.5m
    Double Blue Antenna Cable = 6.6m
    Double Red Antenna Cable = 7.7m
    Double Yellow Antenna Cable = 8.8m
    Double Green Antenna Cable = 9.9m