Welcome to ULTRA, the choice of smart timers all over the world.

The range of UHF timing systems developed by RFID Race Timing  will read any tags that conform to the RFID Gen 2 protocol. This means that you can purchase tags from whatever source you choose and this results in massive savings. Depending on the number of tags you use, it can save large volume tag users over $100,000 p/a in the cost of tags (based on 170,000 tags) and we know some use even more than that.

Our competitors have devised systems that only read their tags, thus locking the customer into paying highly inflated prices. We think this is the biggest sham in the timing industry! Choose an ULTRA system and the choice on who supplies your tags is yours to make.

The ULTRA units are designed as either a 4 port ULTRA 4 or 8 port ULTRA 8 timing system to suit a range of sports and event sizes.

Download our RFID ULTRA Brochure.




Find out more about our ULTRA UHF System via the video below

Take a look at what ULTRA has to offer, work out the savings on tags you use with our Calculator and we will be happy to welcome you to the growing ranks of ULTRA smart timers.

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