The software used to time and score events is a critical component of any timing system. RFID Race Timing has invested heavily in software development to produce intuitive  and reliable programs to support our timing hardware.

Here is how it works

Raw data is saved within the timing system control box as race times for each participant as the race unfolds. This data is stored here for later ‘rewinding’ to a race scoring package. Data is also streamed in real-time over Ethernet to RFIDServer (our system management software) which handles the capture of data as well as the functions of each control box.

Every system comes bundled with the latest version of RFIDServer

which we believe is the most advanced software conduit that interfaces our hardware with 3rd party scoring software. An intuitive display makes connecting and saving data a simple process.

The status of control boxes can be monitored remotely over any TCP/IP connection and data can be rewound at any stage within a date and time window. There is no chance of deleting or losing data like in other systems.

Outreach is our remote access software that allows us to connect to any of our timing systems anywhere in the world using a TCP/IP connection. This means our backup support has just got a lot more personal, and we can talk directly to your timing system as well as our customers in getting you up and going.

RFID Server   Outreach   Scoring Software
 ULTRA and HDD  are perfectly partnered with our data management software RFIDServer and is included in each new package. > Learn More OUTREACH allows us to connect directly with your ULTRA and help with training, troubleshooting or custom setup.> Learn More RFIDServer transfers real time data to 3rd party scoring packages, such as Racetec, RaceDirector, RunScore, RaceTrak and Elfscore to calculate the results.> Learn More
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