Pro-timers have long been enjoying the dependability of the DA and HDD systems over the past 10 years, and now with  ULTRA RFID Race Timing has something unique that none of our competitors have.

We are offering the timing community a system that allows a choice in the RFID tags that can be used. Our ULTRA units will read any RFID Gen 2 protocol chip. This is a huge benefit, which will potentially save pro- timers many tens of thousands of dollars a year.

Read on below to find out what ULTRA offers the Pro-timer

  • ULTRA is the most profitable timing system on the market today.

 The major advantage is the ULTRA  can read any generic Gen2 RFID tags.

This means that you are not locked into one supplier of tags with their monopolistic prices.

Depending on your requirements disposable tags can be sourced from any number of suppliers from as little as 10 US cents/tag.

These prices are continuing to fall as the manufactured volumes increase, so don’t be locked into having to buy tags from your hardware supplier. When you purchase an ULTRA  you can then shop around and start saving straight away.

As a pro timer you can’t afford to be using any other system!


  • ULTRA is the smallest and most compact of all timing systems on the market, which is a huge bonus when mobilising for events.

When shipping units to distant countries or carrying equipment to the event, the ULTRA makes setup and take down the easiest system on the market.


 The ability to time a diverse range of events ranging from a single competitor time trial to a fun run of 50,000 is easily managed by the ULTRA. Timers can choose between a range of disposable tags on the market or the re-usable ULTRATAG which is also suitable for multi-sports.

Additionally pro timers can chose to use side antennas to capture tags on ski and water events where conventional timing mats are not a practicality.

We challenge you to calculate what it costs each year using your current system.

In many cases we have found you could replace all your timing equipment with ULTRA units, take advantage of the reduced pricing on generic Gen 2  disposable tags and still come out ahead in one year!

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