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2010 RFID Race Timing System European Conference

Over 35 timers from 14 countries attended the inaugural RFID Race Timing System Conference at Radisson Blu Stansted (UK) on September 14 and 15. The conference focused on the new Ultra UHF system and attendees were given an honest summary of the capabilities of the new technology in the sports timing market. RFID RTS director Andrew Peterson gave a snapshot of where the company is heading with the technology as well as a history on the rise of RFID RTS in the European market. Stuart Steele from Stuweb (UK) presented a case study of the new Ultra System at Dingle Half Marathon (Ireland) and Lior Rapaport from PowerID (Israel) presented the latest news on the PowerT BAP tags. The relaxed atmosphere enabled many timers, both big and small to get acquainted with each other over drinks late into the night.

Announcement of Low Cost Tags for Ultra

RFID RTS is the only manufacturer of timing systems that allows its customers to purchase any compatible transponder from any vendor. In the past this has meant that our low frequency system has had some of the best priced tags on the market. In keeping with our ‘open-source’ policy, timers can also purchase the latest low cost UHF Gen 2 tags from well known brands such as Alien and Raflatac at prices less than 20c each. You only need to surf the internet to find that there are many known brand tags available for as low as 12c each for the actual tag inlay. The same tags are sold by our competitors at around USD$1.00 meaning they are marking up someone else’s product by 900%!

The Ultra System’s hardware is indeed more expensive to purchase but as the graph shows, the initial capital cost is outweighed very quickly by the savings in cheaper tags. If you are a timer that will use more than 15,000 tags in the equipment's lifetime you will actually be saving money with Ultra compared to the competitor systems. We prefer to be paid for the technology we developed, not become a greedy middleman for someone else’s technology.

2010 Avon Descent Uses New Technology

Many will not be familiar with the 35 year old white water paddling and power boat event called the Avon Descent run in Western Australia every year in August. This year RFID RTS provided the new Ultra UHF system as an alternative to the low frequency system used in the past. The advantages were wider timing points that were easier to assemble, and fully disposable transponders which were stuck to the side of each competitors helmet. Unfortunately the winter rains did not materialise this year with record low water levels which led to half the field not making the time cut-offs. The 1000 competitors were tracked in real-time by Ultra timing points sending data to the finish line via their inbuilt GPRS modems.

Dingle Marathon – Ireland

The new Ultra System was used at this year’s Dingle Marathon in the beautiful County Kerry in southwest Ireland. Almost 2000 runners took place in either the supporting half marathon, marathon or gruelling ultra marathon along the streets and country roads in the Emerald Isle. Irish based timing company ChipIt were thrilled with the performance of Ultra and the disposable BAP tag with all runners receiving a midway split and net time using start line mats. Two weeks later Ultra was back on stage in Ireland for the Dublin Half Marathon on September 18 with just under 6000 runners competing. The Dublin series of races culminates in the Dublin Marathon on the 25th October and race director David Humphries attended the recent RFID Race Timing Systems conference in Stansted UK on September 15. The Dublin Marathon Race Series is timed by Timing Data Service based in Venice, Italy.

HDD Systems at Durban SPAR Womens 10K

Over 15,000 women took part in the SPAR Women’s 10K and 5K events held in Durban against the backdrop of one of the premier stadiums built for the recent Football World Cup. The event was timed by Mr Price who have timed and sponsored the event for several years. Judging from the photos there was a good time had by all.

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