2010 is going to be a big year for RFID Race Timing Systems with the release of the new Ultra timing system.

The latest Generation 2 Ultra High Frequency technology alongside the amazing PowerT tag by PowerID delivers a timing solution that just has to be seen to be believed. Our low frequency solution to timing – the HDD System - has also been busy timing both ITU World Championships late in 2009.

The company continues to go from strength to strength and I am amazed how far we have come in our short 7 year history. I wish all our current customers a safe and productive 2010.

Andrew Peterson
RFID Race Timing Systems

Ultra makes debut at RFID Race Timing Systems international Conference – USA Florida

The 2nd biennial RFID Race Timing Systems International Conference took place between Jan 28-30 at the Marriot Hotel, Heron Bay FL with 51 attendees witnessing first-hand the power of the new Ultra timing system now available in the USA. Current and prospective timers got to touch and feel the revolutionary system in an hands-on display leaving no doubt that RFID Race Timing Systems is at the forefront of timing technology in 2010.

The conference was a chance for timers to meet the director of RFID RTS, Mr Andrew Peterson as well as other innovators in timing software and marketing. PowerID, the manufacturer of the amazing PowerT tag was also represented by their marketing manager, Lior Rapaport.

The Battery Assisted Passive (BAP) tag represents a quantum leap in performance with the inclusion of a patented thin film battery that boosts performance when the tag is placed on the back of a runners bib number. At the conclusion of the conference many attendees competed at the Miami Marathon.

Ultra in action at Hobart Run the Bridge - 10km

The 7th of February was a day of firsts in the city of Hobart. The first time the community had been permitted to run over the Tasman Bridge. The first time a major event finished out the front of Salamanca and it was Lee Troop's first victory at the inaugural B&E Personal Banking Hobart Run The Bridge.

Over 1300 athletes took to the start line in the first ever B&E Hobart Run The Bridge. The course was thought to be a challenging one with two steep climbs and some up and down terrain over the 10 kilometres. It was thought that the course would be a slow one due to the hills but this thought was blown away by Lee Troop who savaged the course in a sizzling time of 29 minutes 41 seconds.

Troop was closely followed by Shane Nankervis (29mins 53secs) and Mark Tucker (30min 13secs), who just missed out on the Tasmania 10km trifecta.

The girls race proved to be close with Tassie athletes filling the podium. Race favourite Hanny Alston (35mins 24secs) triumphed over event ambassador Donna MacFarlane (35mins 47secs) with Melanie Daniels (35mins 58secs) rounding out the top 3. Olympian and World Champion Sonia O’Sullivan showed what a true champion she is with fourth place in 37 minutes 29 seconds.

PowerT Performance

Independent tests by Industry Wizards.com (www.rfidwizards.com) show just how good the new PowerID tags are when compared to other leading brands of passive UHF tags. The test was performed with two similar tags to the PowerT (PowerG and PowerM) and shows the incredible read range performance due to the Battery Assisted technology.

The UPM Raflatac DogBone tag is used by a competitor timing system and the performance is severely compromised once the tag is placed close to the human skin. The human body absorbs much of the tag's signal reflected back to the RFID reader and for this reason there must be spacing between the DogBone tag and the human foot. This system is not foolproof and introduces user error to the timing system.

The PowerT tag is designed to boost performance of the tag next to the skin so that user error is completely eliminated. The differences in performance are startling and must be seen to be believed. For demonstrations of PowerT and Ultra contact your local distributor. More about the tag test including video can be seen at www.rfidwizards.com

World’s Largest Timing Gig – Ahmedebad, India

CBM Samvith JV of India has won the tender to time 480,000 applicants for the Gujurat Police Force in India between January and March, 2010. The High Density Digital system built by RFID Race Timing Systems was one of several systems presented during the tender process and confirmation of the successful bid was received at the end of December. The Gujurat Police Force puts their applicants through written and physical tests and the sheer volume of participants meant that an RFID solution was needed to automate and validate the performance of applicants on a running course. The physical tests will take place at 12 sites simultaneously around the state of Gujurat with about 2500 applicants being tested per day, per site. All data will be collected and centralised on a database system developed by CBM Samvith JV in India.

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