HDD System

As an alternative to UHF, the HDD System is our low frequency system incorporating the latest in 134kHz technology within a sturdy portable case.

The HDD uses special digital circuitry with 16 stand alone readers on one PCB board to avoid issues with tag-collision when there is a high density of athletes on the timing mats. Up to 300 individual transponder codes can be read per second from the reader array making it virtually impossible to avoid detection when crossing the mat.

The HDD System has been designed for easy setup with an inbuilt Ethernet switch, single combined data and sync cable and single tuning knob. The whole system can be deployed in less than a minute and has all the capabilities to handle any density of runners or walkers in an event. The HDD system is particularly popular for triathlons and multi-sport.

The HDD is shipped with one 4m x 2m mat that can be rolled out in seconds and looks professional at any event finish line. The light weight nature of both the unit and the mat makes it ideal for remote timing points in challenging terrain.

Data can be streamed live via Ethernet to our powerful RFIDServer software which manages the connections of each HDD unit. Data is safely stored inside the HDD and can be ‘rewound’ at any stage. Many 3rd party scoring packages can interface with the RFIDServer providing a total timing solution.

You can find out more about our HDD system below

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