Cycling is one of the most demanding of sports to time given the speed and volume of riders in a bunch sprint. It is also a sport that is gaining in popularity throughout the world with the advent of Cyclo Sportives (or Sportifs) and Gran Fondos.

Both the ULTRA and the HDD systems are suitable for cycle events, with the ULTRA having the added advantage of using disposable tags.

Ultra – The World’s First Disposable Tag System for Cycling

When ULTRA was first being developed a major consideration in the design was to create a system that was safe to use for fast moving road bikes.

The brief we gave to our engineers was to create a soft low profile antenna mat that had excellent receive sensitivity yet did not pose a safety issue for cyclists. The results have been astounding, so much so that we believe our mats are the best on the market, and our timers are also telling us that. Not only are they ‘bike friendly’ they are also fast to deploy and remove from roads that often have tight road closures.

ULTRA has now timed many thousands of cycle events around the globe and race directors love the fact that transponders no longer need to be collected after the race. The best place for the low cost tags is to place them on the bike post or front number plates. A complete seat post sticker and two quality encoded tags (Alien Squiggle or UPM Short Dipole) can be supplied for under one US dollar.

HDD System

Many large cycling events have been timed using the HDD System with the transponder being worn either on the ankle or using a special bike frame clip. The transponders are re-useable and have an indefinite life span.

The HDD mats are very thin and present no discernible bump when ridden over at high speed. A main and backup line is used to capture 99.9% of riders at any speed and mats can be customised to extend as much as 12m across the road using two HDD systems.

By far the biggest timed bike race using our HDD equipment is the Cape Argus Cycle Tour in South Africa (see photo from 2011) that boasts a field of over 40,000 road cyclists.


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