The ability to time races is not confined to the pro-timers – clubs all over the globe have embraced RFID Race Timing systems to professionally time their events. In the early days it was the Dual Antenna System which is still requested to this day, along side the HDD system. Both systems have been incredibly successful in terms of their accuracy, reliability and ability to time small and large participation numbers.

Now with the option of UHF, the ULTRA has been added to the the timing options available. In either the ULTRA 8 or the ULTRA 4. Both these units are able to be configured with mats (ULTRAMAT) or side antennas to create a reliable timing option for a variety of sports.

The benefits of using an RFID Race timing System

  • Accurate, portable, and user-friendly.
  • Easy Set up and pack away, just join 4 mats together; plug them into ULTRA and start! It’s as easy as that!
  • Compact and rugged the high performance ULTRA will put up with the punishment of the outdoors.
  • Use cost effective disposable tags or invest in a set of the ULTRATAGs which can be re-used over and over.
  • Upgradeable. The ULTRA 4 can be upgraded to an 8 port unit at any stage if a more powerful unit is required to tackle the larger numbers as events develop with popularity.

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