RFID Race Timing has a range of accessories that become invaluable to the pro and small timer alike. Whether it is expanding your current ULTRA 4 to the bigger ULTRA 8 unit, adding side antennas to complement your existing mats or even looking to encode your own disposable tags we have the products and experience to set you up.

MatV4smallULTRAMATS (Gen 4)

The new ULTRAMAT is currently the most advanced antenna mat system available for sports timing. They are made up of two parts. The mat is made from tough wearing cast polyurethane that is UV stable with a non-slip upper surface in even the wettest conditions. The one metre lengths interlock together to create up to 16m of continuous mats across a timing point. The 16m is a full 5 standard car lanes. The weight of the mats stops them move and creeping forward under the constant pounding of runners. The second part is the passive UHF antenna that bolts from underneath to the mat for easy replacement. The factory tuned antennas are designed for either ETSI or FCC frequencies wqith exceptional gain and a tightly focussed bandwidth. The linear polarised antenna is fully encased in polyurethane for excellent long term lifespan in hot or cold climates. The generation IV mats from RFID Race Timing Systems are a result of over 8 years research and testing in real race situations and is now the industry leader for sensitivity in reading UHF Gen 2 tags.



ULTRA Side antennas

New Side Antenna

Our ULTRA side antenna system is particularly useful in timing events such as canoeing or skiing where mats are not practical.  They are also a favourite for cycling and often an 8m wide finish line on a large cycle event can be timed with just 4 side antennas. Like the ULTRAMAT the side antennas are designed and manufactured entirely by RFID Race Timing Systems for sports timing. They are not the same off-the-shelf antennas built for reading tags in a warehouse that our competitors used. Our in-house antenna designer has developed a small and light antenna that will read tags from a long distance with a very tight focussed read beam.

The antenna is mounted on a custom stand (pictured) or uses a rear clamp to attach to a tripod or gantry. Being ultra light and transportable, they are ideal for split timing points or as a backup line behind the finish. This is the antenna to use for multisport using the Hutag on the ankle and an ULTRA 4, will easily handle a 4m wide timing point in the largest of triathlons.






Tag Encoding

Thing Magic

The Thing Magic is a small hand held encoder/reader that is indispensable to any timing outfit. It not only has the ability to read UHF tags but to encode as well. It is the perfect tool to have on standby as a timer to check the activity of a tag or code a new chip at the last minute. It plugs into a PC via USB and will manually code chips to a text file; perfect for use in race data management.


Zebra RFID tag printer and encoder

The choice of using disposable tags with the ULTRA system has many timers seizing the opportunity to purchase generic tags to code and print  in-house, saving themselves many thousands of dollars. The Zebra RFID tag printer and encoder is just the machine for the job. With just a simple set up, large print and encoding runs can be quickly and cost effectively managed. Our machines have paid for themselves many times over, and are always perfect for that last minute increase in tag numbers. Some printers can even print direct to a foam spacer and encode at the same time. With an RFID Race Timing System you have full flexibility with your choice and type of tag.


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